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Supreme Nonwoven Industries | Interlining | Our Expertise

Our product offerings include:

Interlinings and Linings for the Apparels Industry

  • Large and small part applications for men's and women's apparel
  • Dress and blouse applications
  • Interlining combination for shirts and waistbands
  • Nonwovens for shoulder pads and sleeve heads
  • Under collar nonwovens for suits and jackets
  • Linings for pocketing
  • Slotted and die cut tapes

Nonwoven Interlinings

  • Thermally, chemically and mechanically bonded, stitch-reinforced Interlinings made of PA, PET & CV and in-blends (adhesive coated and uncoated)

Fabric Interlinings

  • Fabric made of cotton and cotton blends
  • Elastic fabric made of texturised PET (adhesive coated and uncoated)

Raschel Interlinings

  • Double rib loom or warped interlaced interlinings with end weave made of PA, CV, PET and blends (also elastic, adhesive coated and uncoated)

Pocketing and Thermal lining

  • Colour woven fabric with patterns or in solid colors made of cotton, CV, PET, PA and in blends