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Supreme Nonwoven Industries | Interlining

The foundation of our Eswegee interlining division is built on our long and strong experience, state-of-art technology and facilities, passionate and stable team members, and a commitment for growth through investments in technology and quality service. These strengths have allowed us to establish ourselves firmly among brands – both local and global. The working relationships that have been forged with the converters and the ability of our technical team to tailor solutions has further augmented our position in the industry.

We realise the great opportunities that are available and would like to re-affirm our commitment by identifying more closely with the unique requirements in the context of Asia as the hub of apparel manufacturing. With great confidence we have therefore launched – Terca – a brand specifically focused on leveraging our unique strengths in the Asian context and to build forward an optimum service based solution for our customer base.

Each and every one of our team members is geared up now with a rejuvenated focus to grow from a locally present global quality supplier to a global partner with an emphasis on addressing unique local expectations.