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Supreme Nonwoven Industries | Geo-Textile | Protection

For the disposal of solid waste and hazardous landfill, structures are designed with an impervious geo-membrane layer along with geo-textile. Supertex geo-textile protects the membrane from succumbing to construction stress, due to its high tear strength and puncture resistance.

Supertex geo-textile is manufactured from synthetic polymers that have high chemical resistance to both acidic and alkaline pH as well as extremely high UV resistance. Apart from protecting the membrane, Supertex acts as a drainage gallery, ensuring that ground water contamination doesn't take place.

Supertex is also used in the construction of ash-ponds, along with an impervious geo-membrane layer, which keeps the membrane from puncturing. In the absence of this structure, there is a danger of ground water contamination. This is because thermal power stations usually dispose fly ashes in ash-ponds.