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Supreme Nonwoven Industries | Filtration | Dry Filtration

Nowofilt is ideal for both types of Dry Filtration: Gas and Ambient Air Filtration.

Gas Filtration systems are distinguished as low temperature filtration systems (< 150°C) and high temperature filtration systems (> 150°C and < 270°C). Nowofilt can be designed to make filter bags suitable for reverse air cleaning systems as well as pulsejet cleaning systems.

Nowofilt media for Ambient Air Filtration are engineered to allow high air flow with least differential pressure. They are used in air intake filter systems for big compressors, HVAC applications, engine air intake filters and as pre-filters for gas turbines. Nowofilt is converted into panel, pocket or pleated form to suit the application and system in question.

To facilitate your selection of the right fibre media based on the bag house operating conditions, kindly refer to the Media Selection Chart.